Taste of Okinawa was built by Tomoaki Goeku, an Okinawan and food enthusiast. He also runs a tourism business to promote Okinawa’s lesser-known tourist attractions.
Taste of Okinawa is a food studio located in the center of Naha. Currently the studio provides two food-related services — an Okinawan Cuisine Cooking Experience and a Craft Beer Restaurant & Bar.

1. Okinawan Cuisine Cooking Experience

Taste of Okinawa provides a cooking experience program operated in English with the aim to promote Okinawa’s food culture to the world. The 3-hour program consists of a tour of Makishi public market and a cooking class. Participants visit food markets nearby, where they learn about locally grown products and select ingredients to be used in the cooking class.
In the cooking class, participants prepare a four-course menu. The class is operated by a bilingual Okinawan food enthusiast and professionally trained chefs. The classes are a fun, social, hands-on experience where participants will prepare various dishes in a teamwork setting under the thoughtful guidance of our chef instructors.


2. Craft Beer Restaurant & Bar

Craft beer is on the rise in Japan. As of 2016, there are around 250 microbreweries active throughout Japan, and Okinawa has seven of those microbreweries. Taste of Okinawa promotes local craft beer culture to the world, providing more than 10 local craft beer brands and a bar food menu that features fresh and locally produced Okinawan ingredients.

For Reservations or More Information:

About Craft Beer Restaurant & Bar

Our studio is designed to help visitors discover Okinawa’s hidden charm. We use Okinawan traditional crafts such as Yachimun (pottery) for dishes during the cooking experience and Ryukyu Glass in the craft beer bar. We are planning to launch other related services to promote Okinawan food and drinks to the world in the near future, so please check our website for updates!
Those services are just an initial part of our picture and we will be launching our new services one by one, which will be announced here on the website!