Our Opening Hours

Reservation: +81-98-943-6313


(afternoon drinking time with light food menu available)
(full food menu)

We offer a range of craft beer from Okinawa and the rest of Japan and Okinawan-inspired cuisine made with the freshest local ingredients.

Our Beer

We currently have 5 taps and pour a selection of local craft beers from around the islands of Okinawa. We also offer more than 10 bottled craft beers from around Okinawa and mainland Japan.
Our beer offerings are always changing, and we are always in search of the highest quality craft beers.

Our Food

At many craft beer bars, food is an afterthought. At Taste of Okinawa, however, we believe great beer should be served with equally amazing food. Our outstanding chefs, Zoey and Miyu, have created a menu designed to complement our craft beer offerings.
All the items on our menu are designed to showcase the absolute best flavors Okinawa has to offer, and the ingredients we use are sourced locally.

Our Communal Tables

In Okinawan dialect, there is a phrase: ““ichariba choudei.” It means, “we have met, and now we are family.” We designed our space to include two large communal tables so that visitors to the bar will have a chance to meet and communicate with other beer lovers, both local and from around the world. We aim to create a sense of community to reflect the true spirit of Okinawan culture.
If you’re lucky, you might get an Okinawan local to help you learn to pronounce that phrase!

See you on Sunrise Naha Street!