Tomoaki Goeku

Tomoaki is a food enthusiast from Okinawa. Tomoaki began his career at Mitsui & Co., Ltd where he worked in petrochemical trading for over 10 years. In 2014, Tomoaki studied at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School where he obtained an MBA. While a student at Cambridge, Tomoaki became fascinated with the craft beer culture in the UK, Europe, and around the world. In 2015, he founded Okinawa Excursions Co., Ltd with the concept of promoting Okinawa’s hidden attractions. The mission of Okinawa Excursions is to encourage people to view Okinawa as a place that offers so much more than just a beautiful sea. Tomoaki founded ‘Taste of Okinawa’ in 2016.

Zoey Yu

Zoey is leading the culinary team at Taste of Okinawa. Zoey discovered her love for cooking and learned about cuisine at an early age from her grandmother. She attended Kai-Ping Culinary High School for 3 years, and gained her career working in a Russian restaurant and as a sous-chef in a Spanish restaurant. In 2013, she enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu Cooking Academy to focus on advanced French cuisine. After graduation she began working in a molecular French cuisine restaurant in a 5 star hotel.
Her passion comes from learning new types of cooking and creating new dishes with high quality ingredients. Although she may have her serious face on in the kitchen she is quite a nice person and easy to talk to.

Miyu Itaka

Miyu is a licensed chef and cooking instructor. Miyu studied cooking at TSUJI Culinary Institute, started her career at a French restaurant, and then worked for a major cooking class company in Japan for years.
During the cooking classes which she taught, Miyu enjoyed teaching the significance of handmade cooking and also was fascinated by joyful time shared with her students.
“I just want people to know how fun cooking is.” Miyu is working as a cooking instructor and also as a chef for craft beer bar at our studio.

Rina Matsuo

Rina is an Okinawan food enthusiast who loves all range of foods, from trending cafes to ‘Class B Gourmet.’ After graduating the Tokyo Woman’s Christian University, Rina gained her career in a apparel industry and also in an educational field.
Rina has an agile footwork to hop around anywhere has delicious foods. Rina loves beer and marathon, and is full of go-getter spirit.
Rina recently obtained a certificate of ‘Fish Recipe Missionary’, and look forward to promoting Okinawa’s attractions to customers.

Lauren Goeku

Lauren’s first job at the age of 15 was in a kitchen, cooking hot dogs, burgers, and fries in Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada. After finishing her Master’s degree at the University of Cambridge in the UK in 2015, Lauren moved to Okinawa where she was immediately fascinated by Okinawan food culture.
An avid home cook, she has spent most of her free time learning about Okinawan food, visiting farms and farmer’s markets, and testing out Okinawan recipes. Lauren is excited to share her passion for Okinawa and Okinawan food with visitors to this beautiful island.